Klout App Gets Big Update In Line With Service's Recent Personality Change | Cult of Mac

Klout App Gets Big Update In Line With Service’s Recent Personality Change



If you’re a Klout user, you’ve probably noticed the service’s huge switch in February: Instead of simply measuring your social-media popularity and throwing you free goodies when you’re ranked up, Klout now actively guides you on your way to Internet stardom by providing more insight and nudging you in the right direction through suggested shares.

Today the Klout iOS app followed suit, bringing all the service’s new features to the iPhone in a major update.

Just as with its web-based big brother, the iPhone app (there’s no iPad app yet) suggests content from around the web your audience might like — say, articles from National Geographic or Cult of Mac — then lets you schedule posting that content. It also provides feedback on which posts are getting attention, and how much, so you can tailor your feed to boost your Klout score.

Unfortunately, all of this is gleaned from Klout itself, as I wasn’t actually able to login to my Klout account via the iPhone app.

Source: Klout