Millie Is A Puzzle Game As Adorable As It Is Improbable [Review]



I find the premise of Millie highly dubious.

Millie by Forever Entertainment
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $0.99

It’s a puzzle game that uses the same basic concept as the classic Snake: You’re trying to lead a cute little millipede through a series of mazes, collecting pellets and shoes and navigating in such a way that she does not collide with herself. And the point of all of this is to get her to aviation school so that she can become a pilot.

That’s seriously what this game is about. It’s fun enough, but what?

I mean, sure. Everyone wants something. Even little cartoon millipedes. And it’s fun to dream. I’m just not clear on why all the mazes and what the shoes are for.

Do games have to make complete sense? Of course not. But what are the shoes for?

And why the hell does she need all those pellets?

She would actually be better off leaving the pellets behind; every four of them she eats, she gains another segment on her body. And that just makes her task harder. Walk around the pellets, Millie. They’re holding you back.

Regardless, Millie is a fun little game that gets ridiculously hard. And I think that’s a metaphor for the obstacles we encounter on the way to our goals.

Or it’s just how games work. Either way.

MillieGame Name: : Millie
The Good: It’s a new twist on Snake, and it’s adorable.
The Bad: The story does not match the gameplay, but I’m probably one of the only people who lets things like that bother him.
The Verdict: It’s a charming game that brings the cute and offers plenty of challenge. Just don’t think about it too much.
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