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Growthy Tracks Your Kids’ Height, Weight, Milestones


Growthy is an app that finally – finally! – replaces the biro-etched notches on your kitchen door frame with a series of in-app purchases, codifying your precious memories as stars on your iPhone screen. Welcome to the future.

Growthy lets you track just about anything your kid does: its height, weight, when it first managed to roll its oversized cranium off the carpet and sit up by itself. When I was a wee lad, we moved house quite often (something to do with my dad’s “bank jobs”), so there were only ever a few notches on our pantry’s doorframe. Unfortunately, the highest-tech item we had in the house was a transistor radio (I broke the TV our neighbor gave to use by sticking a spoon inside), and there were no apps for that.

The timeline view (in-app purchase required) looks very nice, as do the charts. You can even compare your monsters’ progress with standards published by the WHO, which should lead to some hilarity as you struggle to make you kid grow faster or put them on a diet at age two.

I really love some of the activities/achievements that you can record with a star. One of them is “hands and knees crawling.” What other kind of crawling is there?

One thing I can’t figure out is whether you can export the data. I hope so, becasue this stuff will only get more valuable with age, so you might want it in a plain text format like CSV, or even on paper.

Source: App Store
Thanks: Rafa!