Cult of Mac Magazine: Power Tips for Your iPad


Cover design Rob LeFebvre.

If you’re like Cult of Mac Magazine staffers, you want to use your iPad as more than a photo album.

Our reviews editor Charlie Sorrel even went as far to ditch his Mac for the magical and revolutionary tablet back when it first came out – before having to give up the ambitious plan, and not for the reasons you’d think. This week, he delves into all the ways you can power up your iPad for work without sacrificing your sanity.

And, since we’re on the topic of getting the most out of your iPad, what about reading the manual? Our resident author and critic Luke Dormehl takes on a stack of third-party manuals so that you know what’s worth spending money on and what’s likely to become a (digital?) doorstop.

Charlie also takes a look at the best camera bags – that are also twofers for toting your iPad – and we also have the best in new books, movies, music and apps from the iTunes store.


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We hear you, too: this week’s review of iPad manuals was a reader suggestion…

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Cover photo: The Poetz Family, CC-licensed on Flickr.