This App Reminds You ‘Whether’ You Were Hot Or Cold A Year Ago



I’m kind of obsessed with monitoring and comparing numbers like blog views and podcast downloads. It’s probably a mild form of obsessive-compulsive disorder, but I made up my own word for it: “metriculous.”

Whether is an app that satisfies that part of your brain, if you have it. It lets you compare today’s temperature, precipitation, wind, and humidity to the same day last year. The temperature panel is free, but you can unlock the rest — and any future ones — for $2.99.

So it’s basically a cool-looking weather app with an extra layer of trivia on top of it for crazy people inquisitive, metriculous types.

Source:Whether App – Free | Sturmware

  • metriculous types? Maybe the author meant meticulous. In any case, that would be cool for about a minute, then annoying.

    • Evan Killham

      Nope, I meant “metriculous,” the word I introduce at the beginning of the post.

  • August Sturm

    Hello, I am the designer/developer for the Whether app. You can stay up to day on update progress and features.. Plus, just released v1.2 which has Celsius and Metric, sorry world!

  • August Sturm

    Whether app v1.5 includes 24 hour forecast graphs for current and last years conditions!