Logitech’s Tiny X100 Bluetooth Speaker Comes With A Great-Looking Hole


Logitech’s cool-looking X100 “donut” speaker has a few things going for it. First, it’s small. Second, it’s cheap, and third, it has a hole in it that looks totally satisfying to stick your finger in and wiggle it around.

The little Bluetooth X100 (which would make a totally great name for a camera, too) measures around 3.3 inches across (8.4cm), lasts for five hours on a charge and has built-in buttons for volume, power and pairing. It also works with your iPhone for making and taking phone calls.

But my favorite bit is that hole. You could use it to hang the speaker form a bag, or too hook it safely above kitchen spills. But I’m a compulsive fiddler, and that hole looks like it has fiddling written all over it. Or around it? Whatever – it looks ripe for a good fingering.

The price for this teeny thing? $50. Available now, in five groovy colors.

Source: Logitech
Thanks: Jenny!