Spotify Adds Browsable Albums Collections, Dark Theme


Spotify seems to have solved one major problem with its apps. Until now, the music streaming service has been focussed on playlists, forcing you to organize your music in order to “save” it for later.

Compare this to Rdio, which concentrates on albums and songs, letting your save them to an iTunes-like collection.

Spotify now offers “Your Music,” which is pretty much a copy of Rdio’s collections, and is a very welcome addition.

It’s Your Music collection. Save albums and browse their beautiful cover art, gather your favourite artists and create playlists for every mood and moment. Found a song or album that you like? Just hit save to add it to your collection. It’s that simple.

This big change in philosophy is somewhat obscured by the new dark-themed makeover for the apps, which is nice nut not really an improvement – it just looks different.

The new collection feature is “rolling out,” which is to say it’s not on the iPad yet, but should be on its way. The one thing I miss about Spotify is that most of my friends use it, while I’m over on Rdio (I prefer the simple interface, the album-centric design and the more interesting, less commercial catalog). This means I can’t share music with friends. Maybe it’s time to go back?

Source: Spotify Blog