Deep Sci-Fi RPG Evolution Slams Its Way To The App Store



Evolution, just released on the App Store, is looking like a badass free-to-play science fiction role-playing game with real style.

Build your base to collect resources, battle with your character in real time, solve environmental puzzles, and upgrade everything–weapons, armor, special abilities–as you go.

All of this and free to boot, Evolution promises to meet your sci-fi combat gaming needs on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

The game soft-launched in the Russian App Store two months ago, and has been getting some buzz as the team tweaked the game to make it even better with the help of all the players in that global region. There’s a deep storyline, gorgeous graphics, puzzles, and enough micro-management of equipment and character stats to make even the most dedicated RPG player happy.

Upgrade your dudes.
Upgrade your dudes.

“When we set out to make this game, we wanted to deliver a core RPG, but one built from the ground up for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch,” said the game’s publishing director, Yuriy Maslikov, in a statement. “That means players will find the same depth that RPGs are known for, but will also be drawn into the intriguing storyline and surprised by the other gameplay elements woven into the game.”

Strap on your space combat boots and explore the world of Utopia, jumping into real-time battles with a sweet combat system that will be let you target and respond to enemy attacks. You’ll get into the story, too, interacting with complex characters while you figure out just what is going on beneath the surface of planet Utopia.

Evolution is now available as a free-to-play download in the App Store, so head on over and check it out.