• BucTroop

    I would…but I have big hands.

  • Sean Galusha

    I would not. I imagine for the sake of the developers, the resolution would be the same no matter what screen sizes they choose. I’d rather have a phone with a crisp image that I can control with one hand (able to touch the whole screen with my thumb without repositioning)

  • Mike Chu

    I’d hate to have to reposition my hand to access the left side of the screen(I’m right handed)

  • Godzilla the Left-Libertarian

    I won’t buy one UNTIL it has a larger screen

  • Matt K.

    I would love a larger iPhone. I use it less and less as a phone and more and more like a tablet everyday. Texting more then calling as well. I would read even more than I do now on it.

  • Gregg_Thurman

    This survey is indicative of the limited thought the general public puts into the subject.

    Do we want a larger “screen”, or do we want a larger “viewable” area. This is how I perceive that Apple will address the issue.

    There is a huge difference between a larger screen (overall product size), and a smaller product with a larger “viewable” area. How would people vote if one of the alternatives given were a larger “viewable” area in a smaller form factor device? In other words, the best of BOTH worlds, large “viewable” area AND one hand operation. NO compromises.

    • LJ/Xandir

      Although I see your argument, the compromise that’d go into making this device the best of both worlds would be just to great, and may not end up looking like something the average consumer wants. A 4.7-5″ Display on a phone generally works with one hand when the bezels are thin, but that device would still be bigger, and not work for everyone. Also, just as a side note, the resolution of this device will likely be 1920×1080 or greater to allow full 1080p playback on the iPhone.

  • Scott A. Bontrager

    Being a Developer, I am actually not concerned about changing the resolution again. If you code your Apps properly, and don’t use exact pixel locations for things, but rather use local device absolutes (maximum x pixels, maximum y pixels) any App can be coded to “just work” no matter the resolution. As long as the Aspect ratio is the same, then you don’t even have to worry about the layout of menus and things like that. I say bring on a slightly larger phone, especially if it has a limited increase to the footprint of the device!

    • Kevin Peck

      Also being a developer you are correct that proper coding will solve most of the issues. There are a lot of older apps that don’t use autolayout. There are a lot of newer apps that don’t use autolayout. Some percentage of apps are just not going to work very well if there is a resolution change.

      When people have bigger screens they also expect to see more content. Yes, they will see more rows in a table and other controls similar to that but that is about it. The big complaint folks have on the Android side is “apps are not designed for tablets, they are just upsized phone apps”. If there is a significant screen resolution difference with the larger iPhones then I can see the same complaints arising for iOS developers.

      I personally would like to see bigger iPhones. I use a Note II and I really enjoy being able to view web pages (mostly in landscape mode) in desktop mode. Videos are bigger, games have more room, etc. I don’t have an issue with it in my pocket and I use it one handed a good percentage of the time.

  • Matthew Arnold Stern

    I had a Samsung Galaxy S3 with the bigger screen. One of the reasons I switched to the iPhone 5S is that it fit in my hand better. I wouldn’t mind an iPhone 6 that had a bigger screen but was only slightly larger overall than the 5S.

  • El Caballero que dice Ni

    I want a smaller phone with a larger screen. I want the TARDIS of phones.

  • Grunt_at_the_Point

    I would..make it happen.

  • coolio

    5.5″ will have new resolution.

  • Stephen

    I like the idea of a larger screen but it will not move me from my iPhone 5 64GB unless Apple creates a 128GB version. That is much more important to me than the screen size.

  • 4.7 yes, because it could be done without making the overall case much bigger. Larger screens, no.

  • Merckel

    A 1,000 times YES.

  • Not Debating — Informing

    I don’t want big screens on phones or small screens on tablets. If I want a big screen for mobile browsing, I’ll use my iPad Air. I want my phone to be compact, lightweight, and easily dialed with one hand.

    • PMB01

      A thousand times YES!

  • Sarcastic Curmudgeon

    No, I like the current size of the iPhone. I hope Apple doesn’t muck it up and make a fricken “phablet” size phone. Unless they want to be like Samsung.

  • Steve Pålsson

    I have difficulty reaching the top row icons and I have larger-than-average hands. I don’t understand how anyone would want an even larger iphone.

  • Vetle andre

    I would buy arger iPhone, although I love the formfactor of the iPhone 5s

  • :)

    I think many techies who visit sites such as CoM prefer something like 4″, while the average user is fine with either 3.5″ or 4″. The problem starts you consider shit like 4.7″ or 5.5″, which are jumps that Apple probably would never make. Safe to say they would lose many loyal customers if they would completely switch to oversized phones.

  • marioyohanes

    4.7″ with most of the extra 0.7″ goes into the screen’s width, not height. Something like Blackberry Z10 size will be awesome.

    But 5-5.5″ is just ridiculous. I own and use iPhone 5S, Nexus 5 and GS4, and I still prefer using iPhone for my main phone because it’s so annoying to use that big phone (beside the fact I prefer iOS over Android). Yes, extra screen is nice, but too much is simply stupid.