Let’s Rock with Cult of Mac


Via our Twitter stream, we ran ongoing commentary on Apple’s Let’s Rock shenanigans. Below is a (somewhat) edited tweet-style stream-of-consciousness from the event.

iTunes store

  • 8.5m+ songs, 125k+ podcasts, 30k+ TV shows, 3000+ apps
  • New today: HD TV shows, and NBC has returned
  • SD shows: $1.99. HD: $2.99

iTunes 8

  • Grid view, as per the rumors. Can set by artist and scrub across them like a photo album in iPhoto
  • Genius “Automatically makes playlists from songs in your library that go great together—with just one click”.
  • Genius information sent anonymously. Click a button to get a playlist. Restrict by track number.
  • Available today

iPod sales and iPod classic

  • Zzzzingg! Jobs dissed everyone else’s player market share. iPod: 73.4%. Microsoft: 2.6%.
  • iPod Classic: 80 GB upped to 120 GB. 160 GB discontinued.

New iPod nano

  • Form factor as per rumors: skinny, tall, like the gen-2 nano, really thin.
  • Push-hold center button for Genius playlist creation.
  • Voice recording from attached mics.
  • New UI.
  • Photos/vids in landscape mode.
  • Accelerometer. Rotate 90 degrees to get Cover Flow, like with the iPhone.
  • Shake to shuffle.
  • Battery: 24 hours for music and four hours for video.
  • $199 for 16 GB, $149 for 8GB. Bright rainbow colors in addition to aluminium.


  • New accessories: headphones and armbands, a mic for voice recording, and in-ear headphones.

iPod touch revamp, iPhone and App Store

  • Thinner, with integrated volume control and speaker.
  • Genius playlist creation.
  • Built-in Nike+iPod – just add a shoe transmitter.
  • App Store: 100 million downloads in 60 days. Available in 62 countries.
  • Spore Origins, Real Soccer 2009 and Need For Speed: Undercover demoed.
  • iPod touch battery life: 36 hours for music, six for video.
  • New prices: 8 GB: $229, 16 GB: $299, 32GB: $399.
  • New firmware, free to 2.0 owners.
  • “Funnest iPod ever” strapline for the new ad.
  • iPhone owners to get 2.1 bug-fix—better battery life, less crashing, fewer gremlins, speedier back-ups. Free on Friday.

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