Grovemade’s First Wooden iPhone Bumper


A bumper is a great option for folks who don’t care for cases, but are clumsy enough that they need some protection for their iPhone. And the brand-new Grovemade wooden bumpers not only offer protection but look great too. Also, they have names that you’ll want to lollop around your tongue, over and over.

Try those names now. Maple Bumper. Walnut Bumper. It’s not quite as orally satisfying as rolling the word “handleband” around your mouth, but it’s close.

The cases, as you may have guessed, come in walnut and maple, and are fitted for the iPhone 5/S or the iPhone 5C. They’re light, naturally shock-absorbing and are slightly thicker than the iPhone so you can lay them down without the screen touching the table or scratchy concrete floor. They have wood volume and power buttons, and come in one piece.

We’ve reviewed Grove’s cases before on Cult of Mac, and I found them bulky and expensive. But at just $39, and in the form or a bumper, these new cases seem to have those problems licked. Available from today.

Source: Grovemade
Thanks: Rebecca