Grip&Shoot, A One-Handed Camera Grip For The iPhone



I find anything that promises one-handed operation of your iDevices suspicious, but then I have a dirty mind. The Grip&Shoot – seen by Buster last week and Macworld – is one such gadget, and it adds a trigger grip to the iPhone to make shooting videos and photos way easier.

The Grip&Shoot connects via Bluetooth, so it can be used with the iPhone in its cradle or as a remote control. The grip has a a trigger button under your finger, and two thumb-controlled buttons on the top. With the Grip&Shoot app these work to zoom the camera, but an app could use them for anything.

The Grip&Shoot’s handle can also be removed to leave just a slightly odd-shaped bumper case.

Want one? It comes in black or white and costs $100. The package includes a case for both the iPhone 4/S and 5/S, plus a leather case and a wrist strap.

Source: Grip&Shoot