Retro-Style Olympus Pocket Camera Offers Shake-Free Shots


Like the current bloom of retro-styled shooters, but don’t like the $500+ prices? Unsurprisingly, Olympus has you covered – the new Stylus SH1 looks hot in a silver and black/white body, and packs Wi-Fi, a built-in zoom lens and 5-axis image stabilization.

The biggest news is the stabilization, which comes straight from the OM-D E-M5, way up in Olympus’ product range. This is especially useful in a camera with a 25x zoom lens, letting you get up close even in relatively low light and not suffer from the shakes.

And a good thing too as the lens spec itself is rather pedestrian, running from ƒ3.0 wide open to ƒ6.9 fully zoomed. Slow and dark.

The rear LCD is also built to a budget. It has touch, but only 460,000 dots, which is a resolution from several years ago. Wi-Fi, some manual controls and 1080p video round out the specs, and the camera will come in at under $400.

If it weren’t for the zoom and the stabilizer, there wouldn’t be much point using this instead of your iPhone camera. But these features, plus the Wi-Fi and the cool styling make it worth the relatively low price.

Source: DP Review