Sony Digital Paper, The $1,100 13-Inch E-Ink Tablet


Sony’s Digital Paper is so odd that if it were released tomorrow on April 1st, I’d wonder whether or not it was just a cruel prank. But apart from the absurd price, digital paper is a pretty great-looking product.

Digital Paper is a 13.3-inch e-ink tablet for reading PDFs, and it costs around $1,100. It is Wi-Fi-only, and uses a stylus to mark up and draw on your documents, and has just 4GB of built-in storage (you can add more via SD card).

Sounds like a joke, right? After all, the iPad does all this and more, and better. But it gets better:

The battery will last for up to three weeks on a single charge, you can view the documents in the sun if you like. It’s also light and thin (around a quarter of an inch and 12.6 ounces or 357 grams).

Depending on the responsiveness of that screen to pen input, this could be an awesome device. It’s designed to be used by law professionals and professors, and anyone else whose desk is usually buried under a pile of paper. And the stylus input means you won’t accidentally draw marks on the page with your fingers as you rest your hand on the screen.

I’m in. Or I would be if it was $200 not $1,100.

Source: Sony
Via: Uncrate

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  • Weser44

    I want it – for drawings…droooll….

  • Carrick

    This might be a good answer for musicians. We want to be able to see an entire page of music at one time and be able to mark it up. An iPad, even a big Samsung, are too small. Aside from the cost, though, a problem with the Sony is it does not seem to allow for a Bluetooth or hard-wired pedal to turn pages (musicians need that since both hands are on the instrument). BTW, a typical page of music is 9 x 12 inches.

  • Annette Blum

    I am a grad student and need to be able to read pdfs without scrolling and enlarging and smalling (I know it’s not a verb but my kids used to say “smalled” while playing super mario–to minimize just doesn’t convey the same visual image). I use my iPad now for pdf reading, but while I can enlarge the view when my eyes grow tired from dense typefaces, it doesn’t really do justice to letter or larger size formats, which may include charts and graphs. This Sony pdf reader would be very useful, especially if I could annotate in the margins or take notes. It is such a pain to either have tired eyes from the glare of the screen on a laptop or dealing with the smaller size of a tablet or actually printing out pdfs to carry around. This device would save ink and trees and space and be lighter to carry in a backpack. I just need the price to go down at least by half or for Sony to market it to grad students with a student discount (hint hint). I will still be a dedicated mac user, but this would make life much easier!