Every Gadget The Victorians Used To Travel Has Been Made Obsolete By The iPhone


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Over at the Hotel Club, they’ve posted a fantastic interactive infographic showing the differences between traveling at the dawn of tourism — 1863 — and today, 150 years later.

But this particular section, showing how the gadgets and guides that people relied upon in the Victorian era when traveling overseas have been totally made obsolete by the iPhone, really stood out to me. We’ve previously seen how the iPhone made everything Radio Shack sold 20 years ago obsolete, but as this infographic shows, the iPhone has made centuries — not just decades — worth of gadgets obsolete. It’s one of the most important inventions ever.

Source: Hotel Club

  • steven taylor

    article author inserts iPhone, it’s not mentioned in the Hotel Club infograph…iPhone had a lot of great firsts, but replacing maps is not one of them.

  • Grunt_at_the_Point

    Author, you do realize the iPhone is not the only device on the market that can perform the same tasks as the iPhone. Android devices come immediately to mind.