Watch The Apple Store Take Over The Planet In This Cool Animated Map


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Considering their nearly ubiquitous status in retail cuture, it’s easy to forget that the Apple Store is a relatively new creation. Although Apple brought in over $7 billion in revenue last quarter across 400 physical locations, the first one was opened in just 2001… but ever since then, the Apple Store has spread like wildfire across the planet.

Here’s a great reminder of how far Apple has come, courtesy of Business Insider. Watch this animated map showing Apple Stores’ openings internationally. Check out how far the greatest retail success story since Wal-Mart has come!

Source: Business Insider

  • mahadragon

    400 stores in 13 years equates to roughly 30 store openings per year. That’s not a lot considering how small Apple’s stores are. You could fit one of their stores inside a shoebox if you had to and given how small some malls are that’s what they’ve had to do.

    Before the recession hit in late 2007, Home Depot was opening roughly 200 stores per year or roughly 1 store every 41 hours. Home Depot stores are so large they won’t fit inside a mall, they are a mall. Now that’s impressive.

    I also don’t consider Apple store a relatively new creation. 13 years is new relative to the invention of electricity. But when you consider everything that has happened to Apple since 2001, 13 years is a long time. Since 2001, the world has changed very much. Apple has come out with many new ground breaking products since 2001.

    • Jim

      Mall’s are a bit different then Big Box retailers. So 30 stores a year is actually very good.

      • mahadragon

        Opening 30 stores a year is very good, but that’s not what Brownlee is saying. And I quote, “the Apple Store has spread like wildfire across the planet.” If you’re spreading like “wildfire” across the planet I would expect more than 30 store openings per year.

        According to 2008 annual report, McDonald’s opened 1,000 new restaurants in 2009 and 200 new McCafe’s in Europe for a total of 1,200 new locations. That works out to roughly 100 new restaurants per month. That’s spreading like wildfire.

  • Kevin

    You people go nuts over these Apple stats like it’s some unprecedented event. Starbucks opened 1300 stores last year, yet no one cares. 30 stores a year is nothing.

    • fobes

      I understand what you mean, but given the expense of Apple’s products, they couldn’t really open 1300 and have many customers.. Where the average costs of getting something at Starbucks is $4-5 at the Apple Store it’s closer to $400-500.

  • AppleG

    What a ignorant comparison some of you people make! Apple stores are not designed to fit in just any neighborhood. they’re however very unique and spencer! Apple stores are not fast food restaurants or Walmarts, Home Depots, McDonalds etc…. Therefore don’t expect an apple store in every 10 blocks!
    30 stores per year it’s a pretty good number, considering that apple main audience are the wealthiest!