WD Makes First Portable Thunderbolt Hard Drive


At last, a portable Thunderbolt drive that leeches its power from the Thunderbolt connector itself, just like a USB drive. And you can’t even lose the cable for WD’s new My Passport Pro – it’s built into the unit itself.

The drive comes in 2TB and 4TB sizes, with two spinning hard drive platters inside the box. These drives are configured as RAID 0 aka Scary RAID, which splits your data across two disks for extra speed (you can switch to RAID 1 mirroring for a safer setup if you like).

Transfer speeds run up to 233MB/s, and you can even use it as a boot drive straight out of the box (although to be honest, if you’re buying external RAID drives and installing OS X on them, you can probably handle the two minute job of formatting to HFS+).

Price TBA.

Source: Western Digital
Thanks: Alba!

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4 responses to “WD Makes First Portable Thunderbolt Hard Drive”

  1. gibear2k5 says:

    MSRP of this drive is 299.00 and 429.00 USD

  2. Frank says:

    I call Bull**t on them being the first. I have been using my G-Tech 1TB drive for awhile now. It is bus powered and has both Thunderbolt and USB 3. I use it to do photo editing away from home and tethered photography. Easily gets about 130 MB/s. Now it only has one drive but has been out for over a year and I paid $190 for it.

  3. Vaughaag says:

    I have two G-Tech G-RAID Thunderbolt drives, were G-Tech not one of, if not the first to sell Thunderbolt drives?

  4. Another Guest says:

    LaCie has been shipping its Rugged Portable with both Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 interfaces. Capacities of up to 2TB for HDD and 256 GB for SSD.

    The 2TB model uses a single HDD drive, and even with the protective wraparound is pretty low profile.

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