WD Makes First Portable Thunderbolt Hard Drive


At last, a portable Thunderbolt drive that leeches its power from the Thunderbolt connector itself, just like a USB drive. And you can’t even lose the cable for WD’s new My Passport Pro – it’s built into the unit itself.

The drive comes in 2TB and 4TB sizes, with two spinning hard drive platters inside the box. These drives are configured as RAID 0 aka Scary RAID, which splits your data across two disks for extra speed (you can switch to RAID 1 mirroring for a safer setup if you like).

Transfer speeds run up to 233MB/s, and you can even use it as a boot drive straight out of the box (although to be honest, if you’re buying external RAID drives and installing OS X on them, you can probably handle the two minute job of formatting to HFS+).

Price TBA.

Source: Western Digital
Thanks: Alba!

  • gibear2k5

    MSRP of this drive is 299.00 and 429.00 USD

  • Frank

    I call Bull**t on them being the first. I have been using my G-Tech 1TB drive for awhile now. It is bus powered and has both Thunderbolt and USB 3. I use it to do photo editing away from home and tethered photography. Easily gets about 130 MB/s. Now it only has one drive but has been out for over a year and I paid $190 for it.

  • Vaughaag

    I have two G-Tech G-RAID Thunderbolt drives, were G-Tech not one of, if not the first to sell Thunderbolt drives?

  • Another Guest

    LaCie has been shipping its Rugged Portable with both Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 interfaces. Capacities of up to 2TB for HDD and 256 GB for SSD.

    The 2TB model uses a single HDD drive, and even with the protective wraparound is pretty low profile.