Yahoo! Weather Update Adds Moon Phase Animation, Pull To Refresh, More



The stunningly gorgeous Yahoo! Weather app that inspired Apple’s own new iOS 7 app for iPhone and iPad has just gotten another update, adding some great features that only enhance the usability and beauty of the app.

First of all, the mobile weather app has added information on the chance of precipitation to the 5-day and 10-day forecasts, letting you plan that umbrella or raincoat a bit farther in the future than before.

Wind chill is now shown on the summary screen, if it’s relevant, which will save you a trip back home to get the windbreaker you forgot in the closet.

New moon phase animations are beautiful, moving around as you scroll through the details. Adding to that, there’s a new pull to refresh behavior on the city screen, letting you refres the background picture if there’s one available.

All in all, Yahoo! continues to impress with the continuing refinements to its already stellar weather app.

Source: App Store
Via: AppShopper