‘NetHero’ Has The Superhuman Ability To Diagnose Your Internet Problems



If your Internet connection is dragging, and you have no idea why, NetHero can offer some helpful tips to get you back up to speed. You just register, and it will check out all the devices on your home network to give you a general idea of whether or not they’re working properly. You can also download the app to your individual devices like your laptop to run speed checks and get alerts and advice that will hopefully get your devices running better and save you some aggrivation.

Source:NetHero – Free | Pie Digital

  • Shaun Smith

    This app doesn’t work. Tried it on both my iPad mini and iPhone 5 but always get an error that no devices are found. I’m running an AirPort Extreme with an express extension

    • Christopher Robins

      I get the same error it’s netsucks

      • Hi Shaun and Christopher. I work at NetHero. You hit a problem we had on launch day that was fixed. I am so sorry for the hassle. Please try opening the app, log out, log in again.

  • jtrwallace

    Ok this app sucks really hard. It’s slow, does not use UIKit whatsoever. It’s horrible. How could it take a few minutes to scan a network? Why would you guys recommend it?

    • Hi JTRWallace. I work at NetHero. I’m noting your comments. Please let us know what you want it to do. It’s a work in progress and we want to make it great.

  • Clarence Snickers

    I’ve installed this on my mac. I can’t find how to uninstall it because it had break some of my other programs!!!