One-Third Of iPhone Users Would Shell Out $100 For Bigger Display



Would you pay an extra $100 for an iPhone “phablet” with a larger display?

At least 33% of you would, according to new survey data published by Raymond James analyst Tavis McCourt. The study suggests a third of U.S. iPhone users would be willing to pay an extra hundred bucks for an iPhone with a larger display than its predecessors.

This is up from a previous survey by McCourt, which found that 26% would pay the extra. Interestingly, only 6% of current Android users found interest in a bigger-screened iPhone for a $100 premium. This potentially suggests that while a larger screen could improve upgrade rates for Apple, it might not materially impact its subscriber base.

An iPhone with a larger display has been heavily rumored. Earlier this year, images circulated on Weibo that showed the metal housing for what may be the iPhone 6, featuring a display in the region of 4.7 to 5 inches.

Source: Barron’s

Via: BGR

  • itpromike

    I am definitely not one of those people. If they try to pull this crap with all other devices from different platforms already giving much larger sized screens for even cheaper than the current 5S then I’m done with iPhones. I’ve owned each iPhone, even before they were subsidized and cost $600 and I’m just about through with how Apple runs their business where giving customers what they need/want is concerned.

    • Grunt_at_the_Point

      Please! where you gonna go? You’re not using an iPhone simply for its size.

      • Markiezy

        He can simply choose to stay with the 5s.

    • Barry Plunkett

      I agree with you 100% but that is what I like about the interview I posted is about. The Apple executive says that they where at the Barcelona trade show and saw that Apple was way behind in there form factor an needed to grow with what the people want. He said all the top selling phones where either 5″ or 6″ screens so apple was going to get with the program! And build this year. 4.7″ and a 5.5″ screen. Now that’s just the screen! Amazing how big the 5.5 will be! WoW I can’t wait to get mine! It’s going to be bigger than the Note 3! Plus they are trying to put solar charging built into the new iPhones. If not this year it will be soon. Which will be Great! Any HOO ! I’m excited can u tell? LOL!

      • Nick

        “It’s going to be bigger than the Note 3!”

        You say that like it’s a good thing.

      • Barry Plunkett

        Yes it is Nick. I hope they hurry up and come out before October. The guy said that they would be out the first of June but I read this morning that one of the suppliers was having trouble so it may be delayed!

  • Carlos ⌘ Franco

    I’d strongly consider moving back to an iPhone if it had a 5in display. 4in is just too small. I’ve spent a year trying different android phones and sizes including 4.7,5, 5.2 and 5.5. I’m good at 5 and 5.2in. If Apple does a 5in i’d consider moving back.

    I’m not blinded by faith to either OS so i would have to decide based on what i would loose and gain on both OS’s.

  • Rafterman00

    That artist rendition of the iPhone is way too thin and impossible-looking to hold. Its unusable.

  • Why the arbitrary $100 more cost figure? This is presumption upon presumption: that there will be a larger iPhone and that the price will increase because of the larger size. You slant the results towards the negative by introducing an arbitrary cost increase. I’d personally like to have a bit larger iPhone — not a barge that I could float down the river on, but a 4.8″ or 5″ would be great for my personal needs for using maps and surfing the web. My hope is that Apple will release both a “regular” iPhone 6 the same size as the 5s and an iPhone 6L that’s somewhere near 5″ so that people can have a choice. This would also allow users to vote with their wallets to see if the larger version is popular. Apple won’t have burned their bridges behind them by getting rid of an extremely popular size of iPhone. I’m still using a 4S with its relatively tiny screen and I love it. I didn’t upgrade to the 5 or 5s because the user experience just wasn’t significant enough for me, but a 5″ screen would definitely make me want to update.

  • observer1959

    I had the 3G, 4, 5 and now the 5s. The 5s in so many ways is nicer then the previous. I tend to do my reading and surfing in landscape position and I wouldn’t want it any longer but slightly wider would be nice because the top and bottom header/footer banners on many sites reduce the reading area. Not much mind you I just hate huge phones in both looks and use. I have an iPad for when I need a much bigger screen. The bigger iPhone would need to fit in a dress shirt pocket also.

    • Barry Plunkett

      Well you may not want a larger iPhone but I for one am tired of squinting to see a movie on my iPhone with my Grandson so if I had a 5.5 He an I would love it!

    • Barry Plunkett

      The 4.8 is going to be real close to the same size as the 5S but they are going to make the screen bigger by making the top an bottom area smaller so you can have the same pocket sized phone with a larger screen! Apple had better do something to keep up with LG, Samsung an Nexus or people like myself who have been buying iPhones since the 4 will change over to them just to get a larger screen. You may like the small screen that has only six hours of battery life but I for one am tired of it. My iPhone 5 after the update even with all the recommended stuff turned off hate the short battery life. So if they build a larger iPhone then there is more space for a larger battery. Just Hurry Up Apple I’m Tired of waiting for a larger screen!!!!!!! Get-R-Done! Rat Now! Hurry Up Every Chance You Get!!! YaKnowWhatIMean!

  • mahadragon

    Judging from what I’ve read in the past, and the comments on this thread, it’s safe to say way more than 33% of iPhone users would pay $100 for a bigger display. I think it’s partially a case of what happened with the iPad Mini. A lot of people said the smaller form factor would never fly because it was too small. Turns out these people were dead wrong, the iPad Mini (and the Retina Mini) have been a hit with consumers.

    People don’t realize how useful a form factor is until they actually use it. There are so many reviews and comments from people on CNET, Yahoo, and other popular websites that are filled with articles that sound like, “I didn’t think I would like the iPad Mini, but after using it I LOVE it!”

    A lot of people think their iPhone 4S is plenty good for them but that’s because they haven’t used the larger screen. I’ve used a 4.7″ screen on HTC Amaze as well as had larger screen with Galaxy S2 and I know I need a larger screen. When iPhone 5 came out I had to get it. The only question for me would be which iPhone 6 to get? Would it be the 4.7″ or would it be 5.5″? I guess I would have to hold it in my hand to see which is better.

  • Barry Plunkett

    Yes I will pay 100.00 or 250.00 more for the iPhone Phaplet with a sapphire screen plus Quad core! Heck ya cause it’s going to be the best phone on the market and the hole world! I want the largest memory I can get too like 128 GB!

  • Barry Plunkett

    Yes I will spend 100.00 or More for the 5.5 inch iPhone with Sapphire Crystal Screen! It will be indestructible and easy to see! I can’t wait till they come out! It will look great next to my iPad, iPhone 5, 21.5″ iMac and my Apple TV ! Along with the liquid metal body plus the 64 GB form factor! Apple Rocks! I knew they would build a bigger iPhone and I’m so glad they are doing it this year! I’m going to get the Biggest GB They offer too! I like the extra space on my 64 GB IPHONE 5 but I hope they come up with. 128 GB for the new iPhone 6! If they do I’ll be the happiest man on earth! Bring it on Apple I’m ready!

    I like the feel of the metal iPhone, Way better than the cheep plastic phones! It feels well built and sturdy like it can take a beating and keep on going. And with the sapphire screen no more screen protectors to put on! Woo HOO! It’s going to be so cool to have the Best Phone on the planet in my pocket.

    Now Apple just hurry up every chance you get! Did I mention Apple Rocks!

  • Barry Plunkett Check out this video about Apple Executive’s interview on BloomBergs TV telling about the new iPhone 6! He tells us what the screen sizes are and about when they are planning to release them. Along with the Glass on them. It’s on the IOS Bloomberg TV app if anyone’s interested.