Sharebox: Upload And Share Files By Dragging Them Onto Dropbox Icon


Sharebox adds a feature to Dropbox that should probably already have been there: it lets you drag and drop files onto the Dropbox icon in your Mac’s menubar, and have them upload to Dropbox. The neatest part is that it works using the existing icon, keeping your menubar clear.

The app comes from Vemedio, the developer behind the great podcast app Instacast, and it really is amazing. On first launch, you’’re asked to authenticate with Dropbox to grant Sharebox access, and that’s it. From now on, you can just drag a file to the Dropbox icon to send it to a “Vemedio Sharebox” folder in your Dropbox.

The Dropbox link for that file is automatically copied to your clipboard, and a notification is displayed in Notification Center. To view the history of shared files, shift-click on the Dropbox icon.

The app is free, and simple, and great. I have a feeling that the folks at Vemedio wanted this functionality and so they just made this app, then figured it’d be useful for everyone. Hell, maybe Dropbox will buy the company for $2 billion and add the feature straight to the app.

Source: Vemedio