480GB USB 3.0 Thumb Drive? Yes Please


I use flash thumb drives for precisely one purpose these days – taking a PDF boarding pass to the local print shop. That doesn’t stop me being impressed with Edge’s new DiskGo Sonic USB 3.0 Flash Drive, though, which is a super-fast SSD drive in the form of a USB stick.

I doubt I’ll be getting one of these any time soon – I haven’t bought a USB stick since I started covering tech trade shows where PR materials are given out on soon-to-be erased thumb drives. But for folks who need to move big files around via sneakernet, the maximum 455MB/s read and 430MB/s write speeds will be welcome.

Why so fast? Because these things are huge, coming in 60GB, 120Gb or 240GB sizes, with 480GB coming soon. The prices are unknown – I can only track down one mention, which says that they will start at $72.

Available soon I guess.

Source: Edge

Via: Macworld

  • Hondamaker

    That is freaking amazing!

  • Elmo Fudd

    CDW has the the smaller drives for sale at 240GB-US$157; 120-US$85 and 60GB-US$66. Guestimate that would put the 480 in the US$250-300 range.