Air Mount, A Totally Useful Stand For Your AirPort Extreme


Oh man. If you make a product. Then somebody, somewhere, will make a case of a stand for it. This is a rule as fast as death, taxes and death taxes. So, if you were thinking that your AirPort Extreme was doing a pretty crappy job of sitting on your desk, and of not falling over, then the Air Mount is for you.

This is possibly my favorite part of the whole pitch:

The base utilizes a small frame that holds the base station in place while the power cable locks it down, preventing the AirPort Extreme or Time Capsule from tipping over. [emphasis added]
Because adding a sled with a curved base and making the whole thing taller is a lot more stable than just putting the AirPort straight on the desk, right?

To it’s credit, the stand does increase airflow under the device, and let you mount it on the wall. How much for this comedy device? $45.

Source: H-Squared