Curvy and Colorful: Let’s Hope the iPhone 6 Looks Like This



We’re still months away from the big reveal of the iPhone 6, which means concept designers still have plenty of time to toss around fanciful dreams of what Apple might do for the redesign of the iPhone.

Teaming up with Martin Hajeck, iCulture created the following concept mockups that would see the iPhone taking some design cues from the iPod Nano, with curved edges, a narrower bezel, and larger screen to boot.

Take a look:


iCulture’s concept would give the iPhone 6 a 4.7-inch screen that would appear much larger than the iPhone 5 display thanks to the slimmer bezel. The iPhone 6 would be packed down to just 5.6 millimeters thick, a drastic cut from the 7.6 millimeters of the iPhone 5s.


A lot of concepts have dreamed of a unibody rear case, but unless Apple utilizes its LiquidMetal tech, there’s no way for radio signals to reach the internal antenna. iCulture says this could be fixed by making the display and rear case separate pieces, as well as making the Apple logo larger and turning it into an antenna.




Apple isn’t going to ditch the gold iPhone yet if iCulture’s guesses are right, but we wouldn’t mind seeing the top-of-the-line model come in some more colors. Their iPhone 6 concept comes in Space Gray and Gold, and features the Lightning port and speakers on the bottom with the audio jack moved to the corner like on the iPod Nano.



Source: iCulture



  • mthw

    The edges need to be flat, otherwise the phone will be uncomfortable to hold.

  • dcj001

    “We’re still months away from the big reveal of the iPhone 5s”

    Well, Buster. You are in luck. I have the iPhone 5s. I will sell it to you for $5000. This is a limited time offer before I sell it for more on eBay. Let me know if you are interested.

    • Daniel Steward

      am interested in your 5s

  • seth walker

    Am I the only one that doesn’t like this concept? Really doesn’t go with anything Apple is doing, and looks like a Windows phone.

    • dc9super80

      No, you have company. It looks pretty awful, and I am sure that would not fly with Sir J Ive.

    • JSGII

      This looks like a shitty LG phone. NO! NO! NO!!!!!

      • player911

        Pretty sure you mean Nokia phone or iPod Mini. LG doesn’t have anything like this outside of it’s recently released Edge-2-Edge screen technology. The screen looks beautiful, the case housing does not.

        Looks more like an iPod Mini then anything else. Funny to see the Apple Sheep slamming the same design Apple used a few gens ago.

    • Austin Blackmore

      yeah I’m not the biggest fan either…. a tapered back similar to the 3GS would be a lot better….

    • Sam

      My current iPhone 5S will be my last iPhone if the next iPhone will be like that.

  • maffyoot

    im glad apple are designing their handsets and not ‘some bloke off the internet’ awful

  • Mr_Suaz

    Who writes this crap? You need editors asap!

    • dcj001

      Buster Heine is Cult of Mac’s Social Media Editor.

  • lippie

    Hope not! Looks like one of sony’s flops..

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    It doesn’t matter what Apple offers in the way of an iPhone 6. The smartphone industry will simply yawn because it will undoubtedly look like some Android smartphone from one of the many dozens of smartphone manufacturers. There are Android smartphones of every shape and size under the sun. How can Apple possibly come up with a design that’s different from all the other smartphones already out there? If the coming iPhone is flat and rectangular then it’s already been done. I’m still not quite sure why they’re making a big deal of some new iPhone. It’s just one out of hundreds of smartphones.

  • katiepea

    If they follow the current path they’re on, which is “make everything uglier and more like other devices” then this is likely what it will look like. Apple sure does owe just about everything to Sony.

  • dc9super80

    I sincerely hope the next iPhone doesn´t look like that. That is a pretty ugly looking device.

  • dpacemaker

    When are the people that make these mockups going to pay attention to technology? The glass pieces on the top and bottom of the back are there for the antennas, this concept has no way of allowing a signal out or in. When will the people that write this stuff start pointing out the obvious?

  • rd

    Hell no

  • spoodermain

    Looks like an xperia

  • Joe_11

    It’s sad to see poor designs like this touted on CoM. It doesn’t take Steve Jobs to see that sharp squared corners on a thin metal slab would create problems in many pants pockets – would slide less easily into cases – would break more easily when dropped – and would poke your eye out if you’re not careful.

    Along with the problems others have already mentioned.

    Please, CoM, enough with the shallow click-bait, OK?

    • player911

      Poor designs like the iPod Mini? They look exactly the same.

      • Joe_11

        Yes, you can get away with it if the device is small enough. But every iPhone has had rounded corners, and the bigger it gets, the more important that will be.

  • mahadragon

    Let’s hope iPhone 6 looks nothing like this. This looks like it was designed by some European, the same designers who make the Windows phones. Steve Jobs was a genius at industrial design. He understood the importance of rounded corners and he even got into debates with people at work. It’s highly unlikely Apple releases an iPhone that doesn’t have rounded corners, they have better design sense than that. And besides that, when you have corners that sharp they poke into you when you put it in your pocket.

  • Merckel

    If the case was liquid metal, it might happen. The appearance is similar to iPod Touch, which is a great design. iPhone 6 can be a blockbuster, particularly for the larger display. And I would trade a bigger battery for some thickness — better to hold and grip.

  • suchi

    i hope not! looks more like sony!

  • digitaldumdum

    “Let’s Hope the iPhone 6 Looks Like This”

    Let’s hope it doesn’t.

  • The icons on the concept are way off on the measurements

  • Jeff

    Forget the thinner phone…give me a 6 inch display. OK….I’ll settle for 5.7 inches. But nothing smaller. If the iPhone 6 is only 5.5 inches, then Apple will come up short again.
    Yes, size does matter…..Middle age people want larger screens to see…and we use 2 hands anyway to zoom and type. (One hand to hold the phone and the other to zoom to see the 6 words that fit on the small display.)

    I also think that square corners are a bad idea…more likely to break.

  • Guest

    It does not matter. More like Sony

  • soheil

    It does not matter. More like Sony

  • Daniel Steward

    any one that need to sell his iphone 5s or 5c am interested

  • mario

    Steve jobs is definitely turning in his grave.. Terrible!!! Apples going to the dogs

  • Steve

    I want to know the exact date of launch in US