Use A Fisheye Lens For Selfies, And Other Cool Selfie Help Tips


This is more of a tip than a gadget, but it uses a gadget, so we should be cool. Photojojo’s new Selfie Help book (actually a web page) is full of great tips, but one jumped out at me: why not take that fisheye lens you have and stick it on the front camera of your iPhone?

As soon as I saw the picture, I started to search Photojojo for a lens that would fit over the front camera of my iPhone. Then I realized I already have a ton of lenses knocking around the Cult of Mac gadget HQ, so I dug some out.

My findings: you can use any lens and it just works, as long as that lens can be mounted just like you were mounting it on the back camera. That is, you can’t use the Olloclip becasue it has a special clip that only lets it fit on the back camera. However, you can take the fisheye adapter off the Olloclip 4-in–1 lens and use it. This results in a cool out-of-focus effect, as well as the fisheye effect.

And of course you can use a telephoto lens too is you want a more flattering result.

Take a look at the cool guide. It’s free, but it might cost you a lot when you get inspired to buy all of Photojojo’s cool gear.

Source: Photojojo

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