How The iPad Helps Diagnose Athlete Concussions


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Just over a month after Apple launched the second story on its ‘Your Verse’ microsite, chronicling how iPads help mountaineers climb the world’s tallest peaks, Apple has released a new update, detailing how the tablet can help diagnose athlete concussions.

The new update focuses on St. Edward High School in Ohio athletic trainer Jason Cruickshank, who uses his iPad with the C3 Logix concussion app to help monitor whether or not his players have had their brains rattled a bit too much.

Cruickshank is able to use his iPad to store profiles for each player at normal cognitive ability to the cloud. When a player is in a rough tumble, Cruickshank loads up the app again, runs the same tests, and compares the results. These tests involve harnessing the iPad’s accelerometer and gyroscope to measure things like balance, and the Retina Display to measure vision and accuracy.

All together, Cruickshank’s iPad is able to test balance, vision and reaction time of athletes. That’s not enough to diagnose them with concussions with 100% accuracy, but it is enough to warn him of trouble… and when it comes to concussions, the sooner you diagnose one, the better.

The “Your Verse” microsite and campaign debuted in January. Based on the timing between the last couple entries, new stories will appear every four or five weeks. We can’t wait to see the next one.

Source: Apple