New iOS App From Google Uses Chromecast To Turn Your TV Into A Live Photo Collage


Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 5.31.41 PM

Today Google released Photowall, an iOS and Android app that beams photos through a Chromecast to be displayed on a TV. Photos can be doodled on and rearranged in a grid interface that updates as new photos are added.

Photowall works with the Chrome browser by providing a URL that anyone on the same network can access in Chrome to add their own photos and make edits. Once all photos are uploaded, a video can be made and published on YouTube.

Google put together a quick video to show how Photowall works:

Chromecast, Google’s streaming stick that works over HDMI, was opened up to developers last month, and Photowall is intended to be an example of how the Chromecast can be used with the web.

Source: App Store