Play YouTube Audio In The Background With iOS 7.1 [iOS Tips]


Baby, baby, baby, OH.
Baby, baby, baby, OH.

Seems like all the kids these days are using YouTube to listen to songs. It used to be trivially easy to play videos in the background, though, by just starting a video in the YouTube app or in Safari, and then just switching out to another app.

These days, however, the latest iOS version has changed that, and switching out of the YouTube app or Safari with a video playing stops the playback. Never fear, though, there are a couple of workarounds.

First, you can download the excellent app Jasmine from the App Store and pull up your favorite music video in it.

The other way is to bring up Safari, and then find your music video that way.

Once you’ve gotten your video up and playing in either app, press the Home button on your iPhone. This will effectively close down Safari or Jasmine, and the music will stop. Here’s where it gets fun.

Get your geek on.
Get your geek on.

Simply flick up from the bottom of your iPhone to bring up the Control Center, and then hit the triangle Play button there in the middle. This will bring up whichever audio was playing last, which will be your YouTube video, playing in either Safari or Jasmine.

When you flick down to close Control Center, the audio will continue to play through to the end of the song. Playlists don’t seem to work in either situation, in that the music will stop at the end of the first video, requiring you to open up Safari or Jasmine to start the next song manually, which is a bummer, but hey, it’s a workaround.

Now at least you can listen to your YouTube songs while browsing, say, Cult of Mac on your iPhone.

Via: OS X Daily

  • zeekfizz

    This used to work in the YouTube app as well. Sadly it’s now broken.

  • Paulo Henrique Guedes

    I just find esier if you use MxTube: it plays video on the backgroud automatically, allow you to download then (with the ability to chose the quality). You can also chose the quality for streaming the video. Much better than the official Youtube app!

  • Jeff Briggs

    Another great thing you can do is play the audio after locking your phone. Just start the video in Safari, then lock your phone, press the home button, and playback controls will come up. Hit play and you’re golden. This works for any video being played through Safari!

  • Frank

    I love this feature. I use it to listen to seminars from Creative Live and other stuff like news channels. Not just for YouTube works on all kind of stuff.

  • There are plenty of jb options to make this work. Personally I have Flex installed, then theres a tweak from that that enables background youtube playback. I believe this also works with playlists.