Stunningly Simple iPhone Stand Offers Flexible Form And Function


Easy to use, easy to store.
Easy to use, easy to store.

Need a way to hold your iPhone up in portrait or landscape mode? Hate wrapping it in some bulky case that hides the natural tech-beauty of Apple’s best smartphone design?

The Breffo GumStick aims to solve your problems, friends, with a minimalist iPhone stand that looks–and works–like a stick of gum.

“The Breffo GumStick is deceptively simple to use,” said Breffo CEO Patrick Mathews in a statement. “It feels perfect in your hand and entices you to want to hold it and mold it.”

Glasses, iPhone, GumStick--the essentials.
Glasses, iPhone, GumStick–the essentials.

The GumStick is a flexible bit of rubber that holds its shape, letting you bend and twist it into the perfect complement for your iPhone and whatever environment you want to use it in. You can flatten it out for easy portability, too, letting you take it with you to the coffee shop, onto the plane, or anywhere else you might want to prop up your iPhone.

Best of all, it will work with any case you decide to put your iPhone in–or no case at all.

I’ve used the Breffo SpiderPodium for years, and its held up incredibly well. If the GumStick is as well-designed, it should be a fantastic product.

The GumStick comes in Black or Graphite colors, and though the latter is currently sold out, you can purchase one on the Breffo site for an affordable $19.99.

Me? Oh, I'm just casually watching Netflix here on my iPhone.
Me? Oh, I’m just casually watching Netflix here on my iPhone.