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The Tactivo Mini – Protect Your iPad With A Smart Card


The Tactivo Mini case for the iPad mini lets you lock down apps so they can only be used when you insert a smart-card into a slot on the back. The idea is that businesses and government agencies can secure software on mobile devices, which sounds like a neat idea.

When I see a product like this, my first thought is, how would I hack it? And my second thought is usually, wouldn’t this be a neat prop in a story? You could have have a secret agent trying to break into the iPad of some good guy or bad guy. The secret agent already has the iPad and the fingertip of the bad guy, and all he needs is the smart-card.

Eventually he get it of course, after several setbacks, killing the bad guy to get it. But when he inserts the card he is told to enter a password. Damn! A password!

And of course that password, after much bloody and difficult investigation, turns out to be the name of the bad guy’s pet dog. Make the bad guy be a serial killer, make the good guys the Criminal Minds crew (or the Mentalist) and theme the episode as an Easter-egg hunt, and you have suspense-story gold. You’re welcome, screenwriters.

The Tactivo Mini is available now, although you’ll have to beg if you want them to tell your the price.

Source: Precise Biometrics