LG Tackles Phillips Hue With Its Own Smart Lighting System (At Half The Price)



We’re big fans of the Philips Hue line of smart lightbulbs controllable with a slick, full-featured iOS app, but there’s no doubt it’s a pricey proposition for most people, with a single Hue bulb costing as much as $60.

If you want smart lighting in your home for about half the price, then, pay attention to what LG is doing. They have just announced their own smart bulb system called the LG Smart Lighting system, and each bulb will cost just $32.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, LG says their smart bulbs should last for about 10 years with five hours per day use. You can remotely trigger bulbs using your app, set a schedule for times when you’re away from home for the lighting to automatically turn off or on, adjust the color of the lights, and even have them blink when you receive an incoming call.

Android users also get a pretty slick feature called ‘party mode’ where your lights will blink on and off in time to your music. Too bad that’s not announced for iOS yet: it would make for a great rave party.

$32 for a bulb is still expensive, but given that they could last as long as ten years, that seems like a pretty decent price. What do you think? If LG’s system comes to America, do you think you’ll try it out?

Via: App Advice

  • josephz2va

    Funny. If I didn’t know any better i’d say they copied Philips first gen design.

  • GrangerFX

    Without Bluetooth LE, these smart bulbs will never take off. They also need to communicate in a mesh network so you just need to connect to the nearest one to control all of them.

  • The LG press release is very misleading. I don’t think the ‘half the price’ really applies since the bulb they picture doesn’t actually do colors. A more reasonable price comparison would be to Philips LivingWhites. At first blush, these LG bulbs looks like a joke, and their capabilities far behind what you can already do with Philips hue (and friends), especially considering all the 3rd party apps.

    Anyone with a Philips hue setup can look on the iOS App Store for dozens of apps that do some really cool things. I’ll probably buy one or two if it comes to America, just to see how it compares to the other bulbs on the market, but this first version looks really weak compared to the competition. If LG releases an SDK, I’ll probably add support for it to Lightbow.