Wendy’s Joins Burger King With New Mobile Payment iPhone App


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It looks like paying for burgers using your iPhone is the next big trend in fast food.

Following Burger King’s announcement last week that it would be releasing a dedicate mobile app, Wendy’s has followed suit, unveiling their own iPhone-based payment app that will allow you to pay for Big Bacon Classics at any of Wendy’s 5,800 locations.

The app works a bit differently than Burger King’s app, which gave you a Passbook-style gift card that could be scanned on your iPhone. Rather, Wendy’s system allows users to launch the app to pull up a six digit number that can be given to a cashier for payment. Wendy’s said it’s a more suitable system for drive thrus, where you don’t want to have to give a server your iPhone from your car window.

Like Burger King’s app, the Wendy’s app functions as a virtual gift card, which you can top up or reload with money as you see fit. As of right now, though, there are no discounts or loyalty perks for users who use the app instead of paying in cash.

You can download the My Wendy’s app on the App Store for free here.

Via: iClarified

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