Incredible Jailbreak Tweak Aria Brings iOS 8’s Music Player To iOS 7 Today



Want to supercharge your stock music player? If you’re on a jailbroken iPhone, check out Aria. It’s a new Cydia tweak that adds a number of new improvements to the stock in iOS 7.1, including the ability to see albums in a grid view, a new ‘Now Playing’ interface (like in Apple’s Remote app), an ‘Endless Playing’ feature that will start a shuffled play after an album ends, improved lyrics views, and a number of UI improvements, including gestural support.

Here’s what Aria looks like running in action (the video’s in French, unfortunately, but the narration’s not important):

If you’re interested in Aria, it can be downloaded from the stock BigBoss repo in Cydia for $1.99.

Via: Funky Space Monkey

  • Spiffers

    Nobody outside Apple knows how the iOS 8 music player will be, so the headline here is total bullshit!

  • Peter Parker

    But if you dont want to jailbreak your phone, there’s Harken For iPhone with exactly these features.

    i.e gestural support, album art in a grid, but bigger fonts and easier to hit buttons, so it’s perfect in the car where I use it most of the time.

    • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

      Does it integrate into your music app? No? Well,its shit