Tell Us Why Macs Rock Your World To Win Free Macworld Tickets



SAN FRANCISCO — Apple fanpeople are gearing up for MacWorld/iWorld 2014 here on March 27-29, and while we’ll be at Moscone West live to cover all the happenings of this year’s show, it’d be so much better if some fans join in on the fun.You can hang out with us at the “6 About To Break” contest and join the mayhem for a live CultCast recording session, too.

No tickets? We’ve got you covered.

We’re giving away two free tickets to Cult of Mac readers to MacWorld/iWorld 2014. To enter, just tweet why Macs rock your world and include a shoutout to our iPad publication, Cult of Mac Magazine, with the hashtag #CultofMacMag.

The contest is open to all readers, but doesn’t include travel or hotel. Winners will be announced Monday morning at 10AM PST.

Good luck!

Update: Our two winners have been selected. Congratulations Andrea Holtz and Paul Burt on winning free tickets to MacWorld/iWorld 2014 and thanks to everyone who entered the contest.

  • Kevin Kuo

    According to Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation, the force between two objects is the (Gravitational constant x Mass of object 1 x Mass of object 2) divided by the distance between them squared.
    So, whenever I pick up my Macbook Air, I have to exert a force to push the Earth away. When I put it down, my Macbook Air is pulling the Earth towards it.
    Therefore, my MacBook Air is literally rocking this world, while being extremely light weight.

    (I know I have to enter on twitter. My schedule won’t allow me to go, so I’m posting this here)