Thieving Monkey Goes Bananas For Child’s iPod Touch



It’s well known that Apple products are regularly the target of pickpockets, but apparently iThievery extends to less evolved primates also.

A 10-year-old girl visiting New Zealand’s Auckland Zoo had her brand new iPod touch (a combined birthday and Christmas present) pilfered by a sneaky spider monkey.

According to Stormi-Lee Whitford’s grandmother, the girl was busy taking pictures of the monkeys in their enclosure when the device was stolen. While onlookers watched the scene unfold, the two monkeys began playing with the iPod.

“I tell you what, it kept the zoo entertained for ages,” Mrs Whitford told the New Zealand Herald. “But Stormi-Lee was so upset, and we couldn’t do anything – it was her prized possession for a very, very short time.”

Zoo staff haven’t yet managed to find the iPod, and it is feared that the monkeys might have grown bored of it and thrown it into the moat around the enclosure.

Perhaps they’re Android fans, or thought it was the iPhone 5s instead?

Source: New Zealand Herald