The World’s Heaviest iPhone Case


You know how you see folks running or jogging and holding those pathetic little half-kilo (one-pound) dumbbells in their hands? And you know how sometimes you also see runners carrying their iPhones in a hand?

What if there was a product which was both a weight and an iPhone case? Somewhat predictably, given the title of this post, now there is. It’s the ToneFone, and it is billed as “The World’s Heaviest iPhone Case.”

The rubber-coated case adds one or one and a half kilos (around 2–6 pounds) to your iPhone 5/S, letting you run along with lots of weight in one hand and none in the other. Unless you buy a single matching barbell form the sports store I guess.

The The World’s Heaviest iPhone Case would also make a great paperweight I guess. Or you could wait for the iPhone 6, which rumors suggest will be incorporating this technology – Apple has apparently patented some kind of “dark liquid metal” which is one of the densest materials ever discovered. The iPhone 6 will therefore weight almost three kilos (over six pounds) but still be slimmer than the current model.

The battery life will remain pitifully short though.

Source: Desirable Body