Leitz Icon Is The iOS Label Printer Apple Would Make


Leitz’s Icon is a label printer for iOS (and other mobile) devices, and it actually looks good enough to be an Apple product – the shape is clean and pretty, yes, but it also looks dead easy to use.

The printer works with your iOS, Mac or Windows machine via an app, and also supports AirPrint to work from any place on iOS that can print. It has buttons for power, Wi-Fi, feed and a paper cutter, and that’s it – everything else is done from the app.

Then there’re the cartridges. There are several kinds, all of which print custom labels for file folders, shipping, “compliance” (?) and so on. And here comes the neat part. To use a label you just open up the Icon’s lid and drop the cartridge inside. That’s it. Somehow, the device manages to do everything else for you.

It’s not particularly cheap, but neither is it expensive. The printer can be had from Amazon for around $100, and the labels run from $13 up. There’s even a battery pack to let you use it on the move.

I’m a Sharpie kind of guy when it comes to labelling, and even then I usually can’t be bothered to look for a marker and I just lose things instead. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love the Icon. It’s surely the most Apple-like printer around.

Source: Leitz
Thanks: Tim!