This Proves That Christian Bale Could Look Like Steve Jobs



Yesterday it was reported that Oscar-winning actor Christian Bale was in talks to play Steve Jobs for David Fincher’s upcoming biopic with Sony and Aaron Sorkin. While nothing has been confirmed, the rumor has already fueled some imaginations, as evidenced above.

Reader Ste Smith sent us this Photoshop job of Bale in the iconic Jobsian pose. It’s pretty believable, if we do say so ourselves.

Bale is known for his intense process of getting (and sometimes staying) in character. He’s great at losing and gaining weight, and he has already played balding characters multiple times. Is there really anyone more perfect to play Jobs?

And lets not forget that he already auditioned for the role like five years ago.

Thanks: Ste

  • Uhmorphous

    Absolutely no resemblance beyond posing and props.

  • digitaldumdum

    “This Proves That Christian Bale Could Look Like Steve Jobs”

    Big deal. In Hollywood, anyone can be made to look like anyone. Christian Bale is a poor choice for playing Steve Jobs, starting with the fact that he’s British. In my opinion, one of the most influential visionaries and businessmen of the last 50 years—an American—should be played by an American. It’s not like the US is a backwater for actors. There are thousands of qualified, experienced and charismatic actors who could be cast as Steve Jobs. All it takes is some vision, and some good casting effort.

    Choosing a box-office juggernaut is as predictable as is looking to another country, but I think it’s especially inappropriate in this case.

    • Dave3087

      Tell that to the British actor who played Lincoln.

      • digitaldumdum

        That British actor was Daniel Day-Lewis, arguably one of the greatest actors of our time. He is so far above Christian Bale in talent and class, a comparison would be useless. He is also perhaps my favorite actor, and did a FANTASTIC job as Lincoln. Even so, I believe Spielberg could have found an American actor to fill that uniquely American role.

        Anthony Hopkins was great as Nixon, but there are plenty of Americans who could do as well. In the crime hit “L.A. Confidential”, both lead parts were played by fellow Australian countrymen Guy Pearce and Russell Crowe. They were wonderful performances. But street-wise detectives in 1950’s Los Angeles, California, USA could have, and probably *should* have been played by… Americans.

        I’m an Anglophile to be sure, and I particularly love British, Australian and New Zealand movies and actors. But there are many, many fine actors in the country who can portray Americans, without our having to look elsewhere, and for such shallow and predictable reasons.

        Just one man’s opinion.

      • PMB01

        Country of origin doesn’t matter. Any good actor can learn an accent and do it well. Hugh Laurie did a great job playing House and I had no idea he was British based on the show. Christian Bale would do a fine job as Steve Jobs.

      • Michael Young

        Don’t forget Bob Hoskins in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”!

  • our author misses the point about our J(osh) Ive making cameo appearance played by Christopher Nolan. @thinception

  • Hondamaker

    Not even close. Patrick Dempsey would knock it right out of the water.

  • Indian

    I find no resemblance, in fact he looks ugly in this avatar!

  • bearmon2010

    Almost alike but lips are not one of them. Anyway, who cares ? I do not believe in Celebrities. They are not important than we are. We are all same equals. I am sick and tired of people who are fan to the celebrities and something like that. I do not worship or a fan to anybody who are above than we are! We are important too!