San Antonio’s Bookless Public Library Takes A Page Out Of Apple’s Playbook


(Credit: Eric Gay / Associated Press)
(Credit: Eric Gay / Associated Press)

Want to know what a library created by Apple might look like?

A public library in San Antonio, called BiblioTech, has become the U.S.’s first bookless public library — letting patrons check out five e-books at a time either on their home devices, or using the tablets or one of the 48 iMac computers featured in the Apple Store-inspired library.

Founder Nelson Wolff, a former mayor of San Antonio, claims he was inspired after reading Walter Isaacson’s 2011 biography of Steve Jobs, and the speed at which the late Apple co-founder was able to introduce new products.

Within a year, Wolff (who is in his seventies) managed to launch the library in poor part of San Antonio with limited Internet service. Initially there were 10,000 e-books available — which has since increased to 20,000.

Wolff says that he hopes to bolster the collection with an addition 10,000 e-books every month.

Source: Columbus Dispatch

  • LikeARabbit

    I wonder what they are using to manage the checkin/checkout of ebooks? We recently explored the idea of loaning out ebooks/iBooks to our employees and maintaining a similar virtual library. Apple recently introduced better control over apps with their VPP program but the same control doesn’t roll down to iBooks yet.