This Bluetooth Speaker Is Also a Flashlight, Shower Radio, Battery Charger And… More


Pyle’s Rocket Torch is a combination Bluetooth speaker and flashlight. It also has an FM radio and a microSD-card slot, plus a carabiner to hang it from your bag, belt or shower head. Yes, shower head. This thing is water resistant too.

There is an inevitable cancer in the gadget world. First, a new category is born. In this case we’ll say portable Bluetooth speakers. The category starts out with some terrible examples, and then a truly radical product is born – the Jambox.

Then there are the copycats, spreading like kudzu in wet Louisiana heat. These are almost always straight copies, offering maybe a special feature or two to set them apart. And some may even be better than the product that inspired them.

Then, in the last stages, the lumps start to appear. They bloom with grafted-on extras – special connections, flashlights, phone backup batteries, an FM radio (this one an evergreen classic) and – yes – direct play from microSD cards. The designs are florid and haphazard – the Rocket Torch hides its pimple-like buttons under a hatch on the end of the cylinder, and you wonder if – at a price as low as $50 – any of there features can actually work properly.

Unlike the human body, though, which would bloat and collapse under the weight of such prolific tumors, the gadget world can absorb these growths seemingly forever until the whole market segment itself gives up and dies.

The Rocket Torch is available now, for $50 in black and almost $100 in other colors.

Source: Pyle

Thanks: Andrew!