Clip-On Lens, The Poor-Man’s Olloclip


USB Fever’s SuperWide iPhone lens has one unique feature, and you can probably see exactly what it is kist by lookingL the huge sprung loop that holds it on the iPhone and over the lens and makes it easy to slip on and off.

The king of iPhone lenses is the Olloclip, a four-in-one widget that slips over the corner of you iPhone and covers the lens with one of its various accessory lenses. The genius in the design is that its impossible to line it up wrong. Just push it home and you’re good to go.

At the other end of this usability scale is the magnetic lens, which requires that you glue a metal ring around your iPhone’s lens, and then try to line up the magnetic lens, and then re-align it every time you tap it or bump it out of place. They’re a nightmare, and not recommended unless they come paired with a case that has a sunken section that’ll stop it sliding around.

And in between these is this new Clip-On. It’ll probably get knocked out of alignment all the time, and it’s as big in your pocket as a whole Olloclip, but it’s also just $14, and works with your iPhone, your iPad, and any other device with a small camera and a thin-enough body.

The Clip-On in available right now.

Source: USB Fever