Even The 8GB iPhone 5c Makes The Samsung Galaxy S5 Look Like A Rip-Off


The successor to the iPhone 5c is nearly here.
The successor to the iPhone 5c is nearly here.
Photo: Apple

Here’s a simple math question for you. How much more free space should a 16GB Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone have than an 8GB iPhone 5c?

If you said twice as much, wrong. That’s not Samsung math! Because in reality, an 8GB iPhone 5c has just 3.16 GB less usable storage than a flagship 16GB Galaxy S5.

In other words, the 16GB Galaxy S5 ships with 7.86GB usable storage, after you account for the space used by the operating system and default apps.

Comparatively? The 8GB iPhone 5c ships with around 4.9GB of space still available. Thats not a lot, but compared to the Galaxy S5, it’s only about a quarter less space for roughly half the price!

Via: Apple Insider

  • John Christensen

    It will be higher than 7.86. The demo devices at MWC had demo software on it and Samsung confirmed that it would have around 11GB available.

    • I don’t think so, 11GB usable storage? yeah maybe if you use Custom RAM

      • John Christensen

        Samsung came out and said it after all of the backlash they got from the initial device viewing.

      • Lets see, but everything is the same same Touchwiz with buit-in Apps etc. etc. for me it would be the same size.

        Ohh sorry buddy but I have a proof, http://www.cultofmac.com/267716/samsung-lies-16gb-galaxy-s5-7-86gb-usable-storage/

      • John Christensen

        They are wrong like 20 0ther comments saying so, there is even a link..check updated sources before you fire back an old article, asshole.

      • Hey MORON, why mad? ohhh I know Samesung lover? WRONG? are you kidding? Samesung does that all the time, just accept the fact idiot.

      • Moron, samesung did it again, idiot

      • Matthew_Davies

        At the end of the day your source for this is hardly credible. It is from cult of mac it is clearly going to be bias. Try backing up your argument from a natural source .

        “Despite an earlier report during MWC that the 16GB Samsung S5 would offer just 7.84GB of usable space it turns out that 2.33GB was being used for demos in Barcelona that won’t be on the final version. That brings the amount of memory available to the buyer to 10.7GB.”


        The phone also comes with a microSD slot supporting up to 128GB so storage is not really a problem.

  • Skeptical

    Oh you forgot that Samsung comes with expandable storage?

    • JOSPE

      You forgot that expandable storage means more money to spend?

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        You forgot that expandable storage is better than being stuck with 8 GB. Not to mention SD card is cheaper than $100 dollar that Apple charges.

      • yeah it’s cheaper but not being said it’s less quality, so I better pay for the quality product.

      • digigenocide

        32GB SD card is around 20 bucks. Extra memory on an iPhone starts at 100.

    • And you forgot iCloud? hayyzzz

      • Nino

        And you forgot Google Drive?
        iCloud: 5gb free, 10gb – $20.00, 20gb – $40.00, 50gb – $100.00.

        Google Drive: 15gb free, 100gb – $1.99/month

      • Ohh really? that was good now you WIN, are you kidding, is iCould available in Android?

      • Nino

        Wake up dude.. We compare ios with android.

      • Are you dreaming? of course I know now I’m asking is there iCloud in Android? uhh ohhh

        In your original comment “And you forgot Google Drive?”
        – Google Drive is available everywhere so it’s not a plus, haayzz.

      • Nino

        Yes, but you put icloud in the conversation like it’s a plus or something. No android user needs an expensive as fuck cloud storage when we have so many other cheaper alternatives. I don’t even know why a person use icloud these days. Anyway. bye

  • Jeff Harris

    And yiur point is…?
    The s5 has cheaper extra storage options via sd card making a much better value proposition.

  • konstantinos

    if the reason you buy a phone is the memory….just buy a memory card

    • Mohammad Ridwan

      Nice logic you going on right there.

    • Luuk van Riel

      My thoughts exactly. Do not forget android is the better OS and the s5 is easy more powerful

  • Hoax

    I can remember when 1GB was a lot of space… on a PC.

  • LoL no wonder this website is called the “Cult” of Mac :P

  • digigenocide

    I kinda feel sorry for you guys if this is the best story of the day.

  • Loui Chalmers

    You fanboys also forgot the quad core processor the 2gb RAM and the rest that goes along with ti ahahh this post made me cry with laughter btw

  • Junk Mail

    First of all, the S5 has more than 7.86 GB free. That was debunked a long time ago, so I’m surprised that a reputable tech site like this one continues to report this error.

    Secondly: microSD! I just added 64 GB for $50. The 64 GB iPhone costs an extra $200 and you can’t take it out and put it in a new phone. Talk about a rip off!

    Then there is the dreaded “other” storage on iOS devices, which is currently using over 3 GB!!

  • Junk Mail

    Here’s an article from over two weeks ago correcting the initial erroneous report: http://www.gottabemobile.com/2014/03/03/samsung-galaxy-s5-storage-beats-galaxy-s4/
    Come on Cult of Mac, please keep up with the tech news so that you’re not propagating false information…

  • lourion

    Y’all trollin’.

  • Joel Caratihan

    I’m an apple and android user. I have an ipad air. I like apple as much as i like android. BUT this article seems a product of ignorance and pure fanatic ideology. I cannot accept this kind of information running around the web. Reputation of this site will be lowered to its lowest grade. Burn this article with fire! Lolz

  • Shane Newton

    Damn this dude is reaching!! Cult of Mac.. the RT of tech reporting.

  • dammster

    Even the Apple fan like myself has to admit that S5 with micro-sd slot is still better deal… This article is nonsense.

  • Victor Overton

    Is this a parody site, or are you actually serious?

  • Junk Mail

    So apparently my comment was deleted for pointing out that the whole basis for this article was found to be false over two weeks ago: http://www.gottabemobile.com/2014/03/03/samsung-galaxy-s5-storage-beats-galaxy-s4/
    How embarrassing. But instead of fixing the article, Cult of Mac decided to delete my comment and continue to knowingly spread false information. Way to go. I expect this comment will be deleted as well.

  • Junk Mail

    “…for roughly half the price”

    Where did you get the idea that the iPhone 5c is half the price of the S5?? Unless you’re talking about the on-contract price which is definitely NOT the true cost of the phone…more like a down payment.

  • Junk Mail

    So now that multiple people have pointed out that the premise of the article is false and that the S5 actually has much more than 7.86 GB free, is the author going to fix the article? Your credibility is at stake here…

  • Vyshak K

    well… its an apple oriented site … cnt expect anythng less… ;)

  • Nick Rajotte

    Apple Fan boys have to find something to try and bring Samsung down a peg, there is so many options for storage, how about we talk about design innovation and how the Iphone pretty much looks like the same phone every year, yet you all go out and buy it like its the greatest thing on earth. Iphones are for people that dont know anything about technology and need something that wont let them do too much with it so they wont break it.

  • saransh_technocity

    who cares how much space it has. no onez gnna buy that piece of shit phone.

  • rohail6

    I follow both Apple and Android sites and you’ll never see something like this on Android sites. This guy is pathetic and this article is just simpleminded. Like brain cell depleting simpleminded.

  • Omar Aldabbagh

    both crap at premium price , however in this case s5 has an expandable storage of up to 128 GB , might be worthy more than 8 GB iphone at a premium price

  • Derek Mallon

    Get a clue before you write a dumb biased article.

    Samsung = you can use a microSD card for up to 128GB more space. (and change your battery)

    Apple = you can’t.

  • danny_clocker

    You can just buy a 32Gb micro SD. This will give you 39Gb of space, which is 8X as much as an iPhone, and will cost you $20. If you wanna go berserk, buy a 64 Gb card….
    This is really not an argument. I’ve had an iPhone 5, but i’m glad with my switch to samsung.