This iPhone Screen Protector Is Supposed To Be Bulletproof, But Is It Really? [Video]



Last month, Sir Lancelot’s Armor, a maker of screen protectors for smartphones, emailed Ars Technica and asked them if they would review the “first reusable screen protector for iPhones and iPads made out of bulletproof glass.”

So how bulletproof was their screen protector? Ars Technica put it to the test the only way they knew how… by firing a full clip from a Beretta into it at the range. Here’s how it did.

Hint: it didn’t do well.

To be fair, Sir Lancelot never claimed the screen protector itself was bulletproof, just that it was made of tempered bulletproof glass… properties which were obviously dilluted somewhere along the line. But hey!

Otherwise, it’ll protect your iPhone from the usual scrapes and scratches better than most screen protectors. How often do you shoot your iPhone anyway?

Source: Ars Technica