Classic Japanese RPG Shin Megami Tensei Descends On iOS



As great as it when a new game, specifically designed for iOS, makes its way to the App Store, just as good is the appearance of new ports of classic games.

The latter is what we have with the newly-released Shin Megami Tensei — only with the added twist that this classic game has never previously been officially released outside Japan.

Set in the year 199X, the game begins with a horde of demons arriving on Earth. The event triggers a global conflict, into which the unnamed game protagonist enters the field of play — able to decide whether to help restore order, or harness an army of demons to take over the world.

Originally released as a Super Famicom (read: SNES) RPG, Shin Megami Tensei has spawned more than 30 titles and spin-offs in the 22 years since its release.

To celebrate its iOS release, publisher Atlus is offering the game at a reduced price for a limited time — pricing it at £3.99 / €5.49 / $5.99 until March 31.

Source: App Store