Samsung NX Mini Camera With One-Inch Sensor


Samsung’s NX Mini camera uses a one-inch sensor – like that inside the Nikon 1 series – only it comes in way cheaper, at $450 or $550, depending on which lens you choose. Other than that , the best description is probably “a lanes and a flip screen, and not much else.”

And you know what? Despite the fact that this is a mirrorless camera with a relatively small sensor compared to things like Micro Four Thirds, I’m more excited about it that I am about the Nikon 1. Maybe that’s because Samsung already makes lots of small mirrorless cameras, so this seems more like a genuine evolution rather than Nikon’s half-assed bandwagon jumping. Who knows?

The sensor has 20.5 megapixels, the LCD flips 180-degrees and has touch controls, and the shutter manages a ker-azy 1/16,000 sec. The camera also has Wi-Fi and NFC, and is built for selfies. Seriously. In the PR blurb it says the NX Mini is “exclusively designed to address the global passion for selfies.”

It also features the dirty-sounding “Wink shot,” in which you wink at the camera to trigger a shot, taken two seconds later to give you time to open your eyes again.

Those lenses? A 9mm ƒ3.5 (24mm equivalent), a 9–27mm ƒ3.5–5.6 (24–73mm equivalent) and a forthcoming 17mm ƒ1,8 (45mm equivalent) which should arrive this summer.

Source: DPReview
Via: Photography Bay