Apple Gives A Surprising Push To Windows 8 On New Mac Pro


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Windows 8 has been a gigantic flop for Microsoft, but Apple, at least, is giving the new operating system a surprising push. The Mac maker has dropped support for Windows 7 running under Boot Camp on the new Mac Pro, making the installation of Windows 8 the only option for those who want to dual boot Windows on the most powerful Mac yet.

It’s unknown why Apple did this. It could signal that Apple intends on dropping Boot Camp support for Windows 7 on all future Macs — two versions of the enemy’s operating system may well be more than Apple was willing to support.

Another possibility is that some of the Mac Pro’s technologically advanced new hardware doesn’t have drivers available for it under Windows 7. I’d say this is fairly likely, actually, but it could also be a bit of both.

Given the above, it appears that the only option available to Mac Pro owners who want to run Windows 7 on their machines is to run it in a virtual box, such as Parallels.

One thing’s for sure. Given what a disaster Windows 8 has been for Microsoft, it can use all the help it can get.

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  • dcj001

    John Brownlee said:

    “two versions of the enemy’s operating system may well be more than Apple was willing to support.”

    In 1997, Steve Jobs said:

    “We have to let go of the notion that, for Apple to win, Microsoft has to lose… The era of setting this up as a competition between Apple and Microsoft is over, as far as I’m concerned.”

    • Joe

      Shh, don’t try to rationalize here in the Cult

    • jonathanober

      I think Steve meant that competition was over because Apple clearly won :)

      • dcj001

        In 1997? When Microsoft’s purchase of $150 million of Apple stock was important for Apple to stay in business?

    • Anthony

      True, but Steve Jobs is dead.

      Also, that was almost 20 years ago, now.

  • Nishank Joshi

    You mentioned 8 is not doing well. Nadella will finally launch Office for iPad. It’s not rival games, but 2 giants actually working in sync together here.

  • Greg

    Two words: DPI Scaling. (Yes, I know I’m cheating by making the first word an acronym. Hush.)

    With more and more of Apple’s gear going Retina/4K, Windows 7’s mostly broken scaling starts to make it a real pain. Supposedly it has been improved in Windows 8 (though I’m going by articles I’ve read rather than personal experience, so take it for what it is) and it’s really the main reason I’d even consider upgrading to 8.

  • chas_m

    This decision is not really surprising at all … if you know Windows better than a typical Windows user. Gregory Moore already brought up (correctly) the DPI issue, but there’s also the EFI factor. Simply put, Windows 8 can run probably run nearly native on Macs without the special BIOS conversion layer — meaning that going forward, Apple users won’t need Boot Camp at all. This is the first step to the end of Boot Camp as we know it.

    • How I wish Windows can run in EFI on a Mac. I can get 7 hrs battery life then

  • Steven Read

    Apple did this because it effectively limits users to only using the shittiest flop of windows ever. And that will be the end of windows on the Mac Pro.

    • Honesty007

      Really? And I guess you think OS X is better. I suppose if I consider being able to do less with A than I can do with B as A being better, then I will buy that line of argument. Don’t get me started on the programs that are not available for OS X.

      Look, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Apple. It is the attitude of some of their worshipers that can be a turn off. They make beautiful hardware. I stopped at Best Buy recently to see a few PC’s that I have been looking at online in “the flesh” so to speak. And compare to the look of a MacBook Pro, I couldn’t bring myself to buy a single one of the PC’s I went to look at. They looked that horrible to me. They reminded me of how the American Car Manufacturers used to take the American consumers for granted as many of those consumers were willing to buy sub-standard products to some extent out of patriotism..

      If only Apple would make it such that one can load windows on their machines without having to dual boot etc., I think they can steal away many of Dell and HP etc customers. Those who love OS X will use MBP’s with it on there, and those who love windows or need to use windows for practical reasons can simply use windows. I would love to do a clean install of windows a MBP. That is, to have windows as the only OS on it.

      Yes a MBP can be expensive depending on configuration, but so are the Dell XPS line of computers that I have had for the last 7 years or so.

      • Steven Read

        You’re right in your car analogy. It’s like this really – you want to load your eight-track player into apples silver DB9. Apple knows this and instead is limiting you to installing a cassette deck instead. In that you don’t look as bad but you still look kinda uncool. And that’s unfortunate. Consider this as apple doing you a favor.

      • Honesty007

        You better stop smoking that stuff. It is getting the better of you.

      • Steven Read

        Haha you’re the one that likes staring at a screen filled with coloured squares emulating push tech from win95. Or was it 98. Hmm.

      • Honesty007

        Let us just say, we will agree to disagree respectfully. You somehow like OS X, and I strongly prefer Windows. The world will go on, I hope. No need to argue.

      • Steven Read

        Of course. All good.

      • Roland of Gilead

        Well depends on what you call beautiful hardware,I personally find inner beauty mor attractive.I that case by an alienware or MSI laptop.For about the same price they have better specs than a macbook pro. I If you’re talking about how nice the case is then I can’t argue(although alienware’s do look amazing with the glowing and awesomeness)In that case go ahead and buy a mac.It isn’t about apple allowing you to install it you should be able to! Fomat your main hardrive and I’m sure you just have to disable a few things in the bios and then install windows. I haven’t tried but I’m damn sure you can get it to work.Still though if you’re willing to spend that much and want windows just take a look here the macbooks are trumped in pretty much every catergory for a similarly priced laptop.

    • disqus_I4eop440He

      Apple did this because Bill Gates owns a shitload of Apple shares .. that’s why .. ;)

  • europeon

    “Mac Pro’s technologically advanced new hardware”

    Oh boy…

    • Roland of Gilead

      Of course man it’s so advanced it doesn’t have the drivers herp derp

  • Don Sod

    It’s unkwon why Apple did this? It’s because Windows 8 is not the flop you and others in the media claim it to be. Quite awesome actually. For goodness sakes it’s already got more market share than all Mac OS combined!

    • ArtfulEric

      That isn’t a ringing endorsement…

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    I don’t think any company should have to die because another company is successful. But you’ve got all these pundits going around announcing the death of Apple, the iPhone and iOS simply because Google’s Android has the highest market share.

    I’ve been using Windows 8.1 in VMWare Desktop and I think it’s absolutely fine. I prefer Windows 7 only because it doesn’t have that extra layer of Live Tiles. With Windows 8.1, I usually spend most of my time in the Windows 8.1 Desktop mode. Running Windows 8.1 in Desktop mode seems just like running Windows 7. It’s nice to know that Live Tiles are there if you want them, though. Windows 8.1 has gotten a bad rap for no reason that I can tell. It’s fast and smooth and doesn’t seem to have heavy hardware requirements to run.

    • Roland of Gilead

      As someone who uses 9.1 I agree people are overresacting in terms of the look.Now I boot directly to desktop no problems and I absolutely love the power user menu they have in the left corner(which does the shut down sequence exactly like windows 7. Right click start>> shutdown or sign out >> shut down) and I think that the tiles actually work better if you’re looking for a program.YOu just go to the tile screen with all the programs and you don’t have to go through any dropdown lists! The flaws I feel are in the windows store localisation.I don’t live in america so it seemed bare at first but once you change your localisation it’s fine. I’ve seen this on every platfrom though(‘ve heard it’s worse with apple though the local istore is pretty much empty) the only platform that does it properly is android but even their not all apps work in every country.I think the real problem is that windows releases their new version of windows too early. There is no reason for anyone to switch to win8.1 in industry because they still were providing xp support until now an 7 was a big hit. Now they’ve stopped supporting it IT departments will be clamouring for win9. If win9 fails then I can say MS is in trouble but it seems unlikely and so far all data has been consistent with the expected trend.

  • Octotron

    I mean.. this isn’t even close to reality. A gigantic flop? A disaster? Have you ever even used Windows 8.1? What an absurd pile of rubbish this article is.

  • Lee1001

    It sure is a flop,just look at it’s % share of the market,4.30% a flop in any-mans language.Just a few weeks to go and XP still has 29% market share.I have just got myself an Imac after using XP since day one,am waiting to see if they do deliver the rumoured Windows 8.1 lite then I may install it.