Scosche’s superCUBE flip Improves On Apple’s Cuboid iPhone Charger


Ever “hefted” the standard North American iPhone charging cube in your hand and thought, “Boy, this thing would be way better if the prongs would fold up, and maybe if the thing could juice an iPad as well as my iPhone. And hey, why not make it black so I can lose it more easily too?”

Well, you’re not alone, because somebody at Scosche thought the exact same thing, and the superCUBE flip was born.

Also available in white, the superCUBE flip is a 12-Watts USB brick that can be used to charge, well, anything. The flip-up prongs mean no more punctured gonads (you probably shouldn’t be carrying sharp objects in your pockets anyway), and the 12-Watt output will take care of even the monstrous iPad 3. Fun fact: the battery in the iPad 3 is so big (the size of a car battery) that Apple had to invent teleportation. Inside every iPad 3 is a wormhole that connects the iPad via a quantum supertube to the battery bank in Apple North Carolina “data” center. FACT.

The superCUBE flip costs just $20.

Source: Scosche