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IFTTT Adds Microsoft OneNote Channel


IFTTT has added a new Microsoft OneNote channel to its internet automation service, letting you send all manner of things to the newly-launched Mac app. Now, using the new recipes, you can create new OneNote pages with images, text or links.

I haven’t been able to test it out yet as Microsoft’s servers won’t let me sign in on my iPad, my Mac or the web. But when I do I’ll be duplicating all my current Evernote recipes, sending specifically-tagged web pages to the app from Pinboard, for example, or remembering some of my Pocket read later pages, or logging my SMS messages. You know – the standard IFTTT stuff.

The only thing OneNote won’t do that Evernote does is scan photos and handwritten notes for text so I can search on it. That’s a killer feature right there. On the other hand, OneNote will work with your LiveScribe pen, letting you write on paper and have all those loops and scrawls remembered in the app.

Maybe we’ll do a head-to-head comparison post if I can ever get logged in over here.

Source: IFTTT
Via: IFTTT Blog