You Won’t Believe How Much It Costs To Upgrade Your Mac Pro To 128GB Of RAM


The Mac Pro is now slightly better.
The Mac Pro is now slightly better.
Photo: Apple

Officially, the new trash can Mac Pro only supports up to 64GB of RAM. That’s a lot, but not necessarily enough for the performance-obsessed graphics pros and video editors that Mac Pro is aimed at.

For those that absolutely need 128GB of RAM in their Mac Pro, the memory maestros at Transcend have figured out a way to double the supposed “maximum” amount of memory in a top of the line Mac Pro.

But as with almost everything with the Mac Pro, don’t expect it to be cheap: it will cost you $2,480 to juice your Mac Pro up to that crazy extent.

Source: Transcend

  • Thiago Duarte

    Brazilian fellas have to pay this for a MacBook Air.

  • djmannyc

    I’d like to point and laugh at the first dumbass who pays for that upgrade.

    • seaalex

      It all depends on what you do with computers …. If you use them to make money instead of checking Facebook 2.5 k is nothing.

  • Robert

    Or buy a normal Workstation. It’s not shiny…but the configs are even better.

  • upgrade to 128 GB RAM . For what ? Play Mario .

  • TimM

    This article is crap. Thanks for telling is that the Mac Pro is maxed at 64G and that transcend has figured out how to get it to 128G BUT, it doesn’t tell you how or why. Or what it takes.

    Lame writer. I bet your editor loves you.

  • Lasse Rafn

    Not much. If you need 128GB ram, you obviously need it for some insane shit that you probably earn $$$$$ for.

  • 圣 袁

    it’s very cheap

  • Jeff

    For the total cost of the mac pro with 128GB of RAM ($6.5k) You can buy a workstation class PC with dual CPU’s, DUAL GPU’s, and 256GB of RAM. with 3 year warranty.

    Edit: I’m a huge apple fan by the way. I have an iPhone, I have an iPad, and I have a macbook pro. But the Mac Pro is limited for the cost. I think people should buy a workstation class PC from Dell or HP before buying a mac pro. You’ll get more hardware for the money and you can always hackintosh it.