Microtrip Sends You Sailing Down An Infinite, Repetitive Colon [Review]



Alright, so I don’t know for sure that it’s a colon, but you’re definitely inside something’s guts.

Microtrip by Arthur Guibert
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $0.99 (promotional; reg. $1.99)

And you’ll never get out because Microtrip is an endless faller in which you guide a blob down into the bowels of the bowels of a creature. It’s more pleasant than you think, though, because everything’s all cute-ified and cartoonish.

It’s also a lot of fun, provided you don’t crave variety

You have two control schemes to choose from: touch and tilt. They both have pros and cons; touch is more precise, but it blocks your view of the game. Tilt keeps everything visible, but it doesn’t seem like you can maneuver the blob quite fast enough.

Your goal while falling is to eat as many white cells as you can to gain health and points. You also receive points for how far down you get.

It’s pretty fun, but monotony sets in after a little while.

But you also have enemies in the form of small and large spiked ball-things (which I believe is the official biological term). You can hit a few of the small ones without dying, but the large ones cause instant death. Every once in a while, the game will throw you pill-shaped powerups which give you abilities like repelling enemies, making you larger to smash everything in your path, and shrinking you so you can fall faster.

It’s pretty fun, but monotony sets in after a little while. The layout is random every time you play it. You start over completely when you die, however, so you’ll just end up playing the first area a lot, and that might be enough to turn people off.

That blob is pretty cute, though, and that makes up for a lot of it.

MicrotripGame Name: : Microtrip
The Good: Cute graphics, control options, and good music.
The Bad: Repetitive and unforgiving, especially with one-hit kills on the table.
The Verdict: It’s a charming little game that could use a checkpoint or two.
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